Dismantling The Law of Attraction


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  1. Jessica Schab
    Apr 12, 2015

    this is awesome so glad to find people who are not afraid to think and
    question all this bullshit

  2. Tom Garcia
    Apr 12, 2015

    Goku confirmed for a New Age freak

  3. Nyghtshroude
    Apr 12, 2015

    Another thing: All these gurus and people who support and keep this LOA
    stuff going will constantly remind their followers to be grateful. I’m not
    saying ignore your blessings in life, but when you’re constantly feeling
    grateful of everything you right now have, i.e. you’re constantly thinking
    of the things you already possess, how are you ever supposed to “attract”
    new things when you spend most of your energy focusing on what you already
    possess or have?

    Oh, to this they say – “Just take five minutes a day and clearly visualize
    what you want and live like you already have it.” Ooooooookay. This means I
    should start spending my savings like crazy because I’m already worth 10
    billion dollars because that’s what I visualize every day for 5 minutes.

    What a crock of shit. I can’t believe I used to believe in it.

  4. Violeta Botero
    Apr 12, 2015

    I want to see this vid with spanish subtitles… The law of attraction is
    becoming more and more powerfull in latinoamerica during the last years…
    And is a very idiotic dangerous way of thinking… Thanks to take your time
    to put it so clear!! 

  5. thenewageriseth
    Apr 12, 2015

    Saw this video, I think, last year…Such a good, explanatory video.
    Awww, I see some ppl in the comments getting their feelings hurt and
    feathers ruffled cuz this guy speaks the truth.
    Poor dat.
    You haters need to wake UP. For real. This world isn’t magical and that’s
    just how it is…

  6. TrantaLocked
    Apr 12, 2015

    Are you an INTJ?

  7. doug wilson
    Apr 12, 2015

    I used to worry about this “As a man thinks” business (20 or so years ago)
    … turns out I was, again, worrying over nothing

  8. Nyghtshroude
    Apr 12, 2015

    If this stuff honestly worked, we would have a lot of guys who would be
    able to do everything that Goku from DBZ can do. ;) 

  9. vkjjfgfiyxyfxfcjfcjcjjgxrszetzsjkvkj
    Apr 12, 2015

    This looks straight illuminatti. The secret is biblical. So go argue with

  10. Susie Kiou
    Apr 12, 2015

    Great video and really clever, I fall into the trap of the law of
    attraction few years ago, stayed there for a while.. but then realised it
    was bs =) Numerous of your points I agree with, logic seen like negative
    thinking, because it is against the delusional belief of the LOA, lying to
    ourself and so on.. thanks for sharing your clever observations :)
    However I don’t get the end when you talk about super powers or that you
    say a name of a mojo, as English is not my first language.. it looks like
    an other belief system to me ? It would be cool to clarify :) 

  11. Dohavior __
    Apr 12, 2015

    So law of attraction is the meta of IRL?

  12. Carmen Gonzalez
    Apr 12, 2015


  13. Blur Frontman
    Apr 12, 2015

    Fantastic video. I finally feel at peace letting the LOA out of my life.

  14. Queen Jazzman
    Apr 12, 2015

    Thanks. You’re hot. The law of attraction sucks, but nothing sells better
    in this world than the illusion that we dream up things, while
    circumventing hard work, or, in love relationships, to just go by your
    subjective feelings for a person, without being critical. And how
    attractive is it, if you meet a person, who seems absolutely certain that
    they can “have” you just because they have this “feeling”? Not
    very…because they also claim that you should feel absolutely certain to
    already possess what you want. It’s stupid – self confidence can only get
    you so far, but there’s nothing like a sense for reality with all its

  15. CampingforCool41
    Apr 12, 2015

    I liked this discussion, but the music is really, really distracting.

  16. Keaton Grout
    Apr 12, 2015

    i liked the opening music!! what is it called?

  17. Joe Zam
    Apr 12, 2015

    Thanks for putting this out there. Belief in the “Law of Attraction”/The
    Secret is the number one deal-breaker I have when it comes to seeing
    someone as a rational human being.

  18. BeyNad
    Apr 12, 2015

    I just disagree with the fact that so many people choose to live in their
    minds nowadays, trying to articulate every little part of their psyche
    instead of just letting intuition guide some parts of themselves. And it’s
    not just being overly analytic instead of applying a holistic perspective
    that we’re so against, we’re incredibly biased to the material world. I
    could talk with a devout scientists and just try to have a friendly
    conversation…I could ask him, “But how exactly does matter or a computer
    produce sentient and infinitely complex consciousness?” The scientist will
    look at me, judge me as just being ignorant, assume I’m trying to start
    trouble, assume I must be ignorant of physical reality to ever think of
    such a thing, and I’ll never really get through. Because many of our
    scientists these days have a materialistic bias that they don’t even see. I
    don’t mean to offend anyone, but it all just seems so robotic to me….and
    stubborn, and arrogant.

  19. Richard Bannon
    Apr 12, 2015

    this dude needs to read Napoleon Hills book think and grow rich ,

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