Law of Attraction and Quantum Jumping


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  1. apologiamixer
    Apr 25, 2014

    Mind science nonsense for people who do not have a relationship with

  2. muncleike
    Apr 25, 2014

    What a load of new age nonsense, this is the crap they feed people to get
    them to start believing they are gods.there is no evidence of this anywhere
    in reality. What your saying is because a fat girl wants to be thin and
    believes she will be thin, but just accepts it and lives in the now, that
    she will become thin, I have met many fat people that would disagree with
    this real real quick. This “the secret” crap has never panned out for
    anyone, the only ones that get ahead with it are the ones selling the books
    and dvds. I tell you what if you ever get injured why dont you just believe
    it will go away and see what happens, see how well believing heals a broken
    leg or dismembered finger.or anything of near improbable happenstance. Its
    easy to believe it when you want money and you win $20 on a lotto scratch
    off, but see how well it works when you want to be healed of cancer or a
    bad marriage. 

  3. Understanding Culture
    Apr 25, 2014

    For those who read my tip on quantum jumping the “Toy” method words, in
    helping to manifest what you want into your reality(something materialistic
    or physical). Someone else, did the same thing, but instead of a car, he
    put a model plane in his hanger. Try it out :3 

  4. Vallimanalan Asokan
    Apr 25, 2014

    thank u…

  5. Robert Crisall
    Apr 25, 2014

    You are gorgeous!! and so real. make more inspiring vids!!

  6. Understanding Culture
    Apr 25, 2014

    I sat there and wrote a whole looooong rely to one of the commenters -_-
    Then I accidentally clicked on something, redirected to another site, and
    everything I wrote under this video was deleted :/ And I dont feel like
    rewriting it. 

  7. Understanding Culture
    Apr 25, 2014

    I’m going to subscribe to you :)
    God bless and thanks for the video. Hey I can give you some tips that I
    learned from some VERY wealthy people who applied this to their life….
    Now I’m Christian, and we don’t call it “Quantum jumping”, we just call it
    “speaking life with your words”, but it’s the same exact thing, just a
    different name XD. What a man did, when he wanted a better car, is this. He
    went to the store… Bought the car he wanted(a small model version, or toy
    car version) and put it in his garage… Now this may sound silly lol, but
    it helps with the “visualizing what you want into reality” in quantum
    jumping(or what we call, speaking life). He left it there… And he SAID
    that he had a new *__Insert car name here__*. and everyday or every other
    day, he’d go to it, and thank god(you don’t have to do that because you’re
    not christian, but this helped him with his quantum jumping) for this new
    car. He even went so far as to show people his “new car”(the toy in the
    garage lol) and instead of telling people that “I’m gonna get this model
    car”, he said “I have this model car” and spoke it into existence… The
    toy was just there to help him visualize it… Now, guess what? He got the
    car he wanted, and didn’t have to pay a DIME for it. Someone came to him,
    and said “Something is telling me to give you this car… to bless you with
    this car” and it was the EXACT model and color he wanted of the toy he had
    in his garage. Now I’m not telling you to go out there and buy a toy car to
    help you visualize what you want, but it sure helped him with his quantum
    jumping. Our pastor tells us to apply this principle to our everyday lives,
    and it works WONDERS– I promise. Anyone who say quantum jumping is a load
    of bull, must not have experienced the power behind how you can totally
    take control of your reality. Just think it, believe you’ll have it,
    visualize it, then say it, speak it into existence– your words have weight
    and power. My pastor calls it “Manifesting things into reality”. It’s in
    the bible, and it’s the same idea, we just don’t call it quantum jumping,
    we have different names for it. He tells us to “manifest your reality”, and
    what he means by that, is the reality you WANT. Quantum jumping WORKS– to
    anyone reading this, don’t get discouraged! :D I hope I helped! Loved the
    video, I’m subscribing and keep them coming.

  8. Brandy Blah
    Apr 25, 2014

    I like how she talks about this

  9. donktheclown
    Apr 25, 2014

    Yellow butterflies, hmmmmm. “Attracting” butterflies isn’t the same as
    “becoming aware of” butterflies that, until recently, had gone unnoticed.
    It’s like buying a new or used car. As soon as you do, you see the same
    make and model everywhere. It’s on your mind.

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