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  1. Angela Snow
    Nov 28, 2012


  2. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    I am SO glad to hear that :) 

  3. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    Thanks so much. I will be doing more soon.

  4. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    Thanks for your feedback – the thing is, I don’t script and read these meditations, I actually go into a meditative state and simply record what’s happening – so I wouldn’t be able to make changes like you suggest as I am not using the logical side of my brain! Do hope that makes sense and thanks anyway for your ideas.

  5. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    Yes, a deep meditation will get you into a sleep like state :)

  6. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    That’s amazing! It just shows how when you are in a deeply relaxed place of gratitude you can attract what you wish for because you are a vibrational match.

  7. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    Thank you!

  8. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    So good to hear that!

  9. TheGuidedMeditations
    Nov 28, 2012

    Hi Angela, I will certainly look into doing that, thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Cynthia Flor
    Nov 28, 2012

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  11. EthanS1481
    Nov 28, 2012

    Wonderful meditation! One thing though, many things that you say like in 2:23 – for instance, could be said before the meditation itself.
    Still, you took me to a very calm and grateful place, thank you:)

  12. cocainegame95
    Nov 28, 2012

    I give thanks for you

  13. swati suryawanshi
    Nov 28, 2012

    great. But instead of saying “i give thank for the food or this” if u would have said ” thank u for the food or this” then it would have created better & direct, quick feeling.

  14. Angela Snow
    Nov 28, 2012

    I love all of your meditations. I would love if you did a 30 minute meditation gratitude and abundance. Your voice is so soothing and perfect and really helps me relax.

  15. martynpyg
    Nov 28, 2012

    I’ve been having this strong feeling of gratefulness towards the universe, i’m so happy right now :)

  16. dwnrytfunny
    Nov 28, 2012

    I just won later the jackpot on the Lotto! 200+million! Wooooohooooo!

  17. Sean Breeze
    Nov 28, 2012

    Amazing video!

  18. mzique
    Nov 28, 2012

    this is not a lie! whilst i was playing this video, my mum came and handed me a cheque of £1100 which was tax return money!!!! no joke!!!!!!!

  19. ErikSudduth1
    Nov 28, 2012

    Grail of success dot com

  20. phycicgirl
    Nov 28, 2012

    omg like 5 mins later my mom came up here with 10 dollers and just gave it to me and walked away! tht is creepy… btw are you supposed to almost fall asleep?

  21. amit upadhya
    Nov 28, 2012

    Hey Joe,Many Thanks for this video, As I have been doing it regularly from some time, I noticed certain things which you could have improved in this video, like..
    a..You should pause for little more in such videos, which helps the listener to get sinked with the message.b. You can be slow, as when you are speaking the other person has to imagine, which was little in contradiction.c. You can BE more specific while thanking, ADD, body parts in detail and slowly, parents, friends, achievements.

  22. mistadoc
    Nov 28, 2012

    Thank you so much! :) Love n light 2 all

  23. Maxuresh
    Nov 28, 2012

    Great one dear some more post

  24. Ankit Soni
    Nov 28, 2012

    U are truly awesome. Finding a real content is rare at times, u made it easier ..take us to the next level. Do share some more…also looking for something on meditation..thanks alot

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