Prosperity is your BIRTHRIGHT! (Law Of Attraction)

Prosperity is your BIRTHRIGHT! (Law Of Attraction)


Prosperity is your BIRTHRIGHT! (Law Of Attraction) Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Miley Cyrus
    Jan 21, 2015

    You keep plugging this bible/ god stuff in these videos, it makes it hard
    to watch/ take it on board.

  2. Jerry Switzer
    Jan 21, 2015

    #Try not to let religious dogma cloud your ability to see the truth in this

  3. Carlsbadude
    Jan 21, 2015

    yuck more god / bible non-sense 

    Jan 21, 2015

    prosperity and abundance are your birth right in Heaven not so much on
    earth we are here to learn and the earth is a school of learning so , we
    have predetermined pathways on earth , all your dreams will be met in
    Heaven not on earth

  5. smg ka
    Jan 21, 2015

    This is such a liberating principle. It clears all the negative thoughts we
    hold against becoming rich. I wonder if it is so hard for many to accept
    this idea then surely it was not very easy deciphering this truth from the
    Scripture and declaring this to the world. Thank you so much for sharing! 

  6. Allen Bey
    Jan 22, 2015

    This is most pastors teach which is good. However, the problem and
    hypocrisy comes when the pastors want you to be subservient to them to
    control your mind and your fiat.

  7. Loot Smith
    Jan 22, 2015

    I am rich because I deserve to be.

  8. Rodger Freitas
    Jan 22, 2015

    A fool discards any knowledge that is useful. The bible has useful lessons,
    but the majority of edgy atheists like those here can’t see the forest for
    the trees.

  9. Loot Smith
    Jan 22, 2015

    I am enlightened therefore now I am prosperous.

  10. Oralia S
    Jan 22, 2015

    catholic church says the opposite i dont know im confused

  11. Jw Smart
    Jan 22, 2015

    Good morning! Have a great day!

  12. Bobby Wilson
    Jan 22, 2015

    i really enjoyed this!! trying t figure out how to loop it. I get tithing
    now. Never got it until now! thats the Magic!

  13. Lulubelle
    Jan 22, 2015


  14. Michael Field
    Jan 22, 2015

    Learning the ultimate truth is your birthright. Read The Present at

  15. Helen Escandor
    Jan 22, 2015

    helpful video…positive n gives some hope

  16. Brad Elliott
    Jan 22, 2015

    This is Beautiful. Prosperity only begins once you have completely become
    aware of your Spirituality.

  17. corazon labrador
    Jan 22, 2015

    i would like to register on this channel but it says problem loading page,
    i tried it on my mobile and it says email address isn’t correct.. please

  18. Allen Bey
    Jan 22, 2015

    Relax people! The god stuff is esoteric. The correlation of mind, body, and

  19. Linda Pow
    Jan 22, 2015

    Who says God is man? Did you meet him? Did he have a penis? You say god
    the son, god the father, and is the holy spirit a woman?

  20. Len Williams
    Jan 22, 2015

    Beware for your imagination is powerful.

  21. rzrselliott
    Jan 22, 2015

    Wow this was great! Very inspiring :) 

  22. YouAreCreators
    Jan 22, 2015

    Register to our website to download free Mp3′s
    and PDF books! 

  23. JustLikeThat
    Jan 22, 2015

    I don’t speak English and beacuse of that I have a problem with last 30
    seconds. When he starts sentence with:”The past and the present form the
    whole structure of man.” and he continues. Please would you be so nice and
    tell me what it means what he says later? I don’t get it what it means and
    how to use it in life. Thank you so much!

  24. Loot Smith
    Jan 22, 2015

    I am enlightened

  25. john peterson
    Jan 22, 2015

    I imagine this reality continually. God is Love, Love manipulated matter
    into the universe and us, so we could learn how to bring forth more Love.
    To do so without the Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever, as
    the Messiah has given us in the bible book of John chapter 14, verse 26, is
    confusion. There is but one classroom, that is John, chapter 14, there is
    but one Teacher, and that is the Spirit of God.

  26. kerby franck
    Jan 22, 2015

    Very good information!

  27. Yolanda Guillen
    Jan 22, 2015

    Register to our website to download free Mp3′s
    and PDF books! 

  28. Andrew Paul Reynolds
    Jan 22, 2015

    Truly amazing and beautiful a fantastic video and thanks for sharing and
    caring All my love and compassion andreas

  29. Success Messenger
    Jan 22, 2015

    this is excellent, Im talking about similar things on my channel!

  30. Frederick0220
    Jan 22, 2015

    Neville Goddard is indeed the new breed. Dude’s insights are top dollar.

  31. Ernest Johnson
    Jan 22, 2015

    I actually really loved the music and thought it served the video well

  32. Kahotapu Black
    Jan 22, 2015

    #Inspiring #Awesome #Imagination #Knowldge #Create #Respect
    #Future #Success #Reality #Life #Youtube #Education #Meditation
    #Words #OFWisdom