QUARTER IV: Speech Therapy “Law of Attraction & Success”


In B.Y.T.H. Busters: The Secret Law of Attraction, Adam Average and Jamie Imtheman put the “Law of Attraction” to the test. This is the second in a series of…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Wasei Roberts
    Jul 13, 2014

    Keep up the good work brother

  2. misstici1
    Jul 13, 2014

    love what you all are doing!!!

  3. RetentionFrontiers
    Jul 13, 2014

    Thank you for your support misstici1, Making Everday Count!

  4. geezusispan
    Jul 13, 2014

    Everyone knows that there are good shamans and bad. The bad ones cause
    illnesses and bad luck, by casting spells and invisible darts. Just like
    prayer these things are real!

  5. Jennifer Isaacs
    Jul 13, 2014

    There are so many ‘Law of Attraction’ cults and it is no ‘Secret’.


  6. MetalMistress888
    Jul 13, 2014

    Shows a misundertanding of the phrase “The Universe loves speed”
    – this does not mean the Law of Attraction always works fast – it just
    means “you get faster results if you act faster”…even if it is just
    failing quickly so you can learn quickly how not to do something. Often you
    have to be visualizing and working on an idea for YEARS, with tremednous
    persistence before it will happen. But the phrase means that In business
    adapting and making decisions quickly (although with thoughtfulness) is
    necessary to keep up with the often rapid changes in markets and your
    clients’ demands/needs. In this sense your environment (Universe) appears
    to “love speed”. For instance – you pay for a new sportscar, would you
    prefer to have the keys for it today or in 10 months time? 

  7. MetalMistress888
    Jul 14, 2014

    The tests you show on the video are failed tests and prove nothing one way
    or the other. In one you crash a car before the experiment even begins. In
    the other, the kid has an accident and you stop there! – how did you know a
    week or months later the kid didn’t get the Bike? You then theorize (a
    priori) and draw a hypothesis why you think the Law of Attraction wouldn’t
    work and then use that hypothesis as your conclusion – which is not a
    proper skeptic approach which would be to draw a conclusion only after
    proper and rigourous testing (not before).

  8. MetalMistress888
    Jul 14, 2014

    Shows a misunderstanding of The Law of Attraction.
    - The Law of Attraction is mental conditioning to put you in a better frame
    of mind for getting results. It is USELESS if not backed up by ACTION and
    interaction with other human beings. However, obviously if you want a Tesla
    sportscar you are not going to get it (unless you are very lucky) by seeing
    yourself as only capable of ever owning a secondhand, old banger. 

  9. Rakkan Rebirth
    Jul 14, 2014

    I’m currently watching this video with an open mind, and 20 seconds in I’ve
    already noticed your flaw as sceptics…

    0:20 – Twenty seconds in you notice the complete and utter sarcasm from the
    sceptic… where as the law of attraction requires you to be open minded,
    just as if you were willing to BELIEVE that anything is possible, if you
    think it.

    The comment about the sick people makes no sense whatsoever, the law of
    attraction helps the positivity of your thinking. Example: I tell myself I
    am happy for as many days as it takes to ‘convince’ myself and my sub
    concious of something that may or may not be true, but because being
    ‘happy’ is a positive thing, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not because
    ultimately you will become happy, and in turn… be more positive and
    helpful in other peoples lives (if you wanted to be :P ). Which will stop
    you from smoking, drinking and taking drugs ultimately realizing how to
    make the world a better place (with constant positive thinking). It’s not
    that if someone’s disabled, it’s THEIR fault… maybe the carrier or the
    deliverer had negative energies and negative ways of thinking for example;
    “I hope my child won’t be disfigured or disabled” RATHER than “My baby will
    be beautiful!”… also, the fact that you think disabled people are some
    sort of ‘mistake’ proves you’re a negative being. Yeah it’s sad they are
    born that way but they are still beautiful people that show us the true
    darkness in peoples hearts who judge them for being different. Shame on

    I’ve noticed a lot of people think the Law of Attraction is ‘magic’
    including sceptics.. but aren’t sceptics meant to think of every
    possibility and not just magic? why are you thinking about magic anyway?
    who mentioned magic? It’s all about energy.
    Humans DO have energy, it’s a fact. Energy is not magic.. if you’re a
    sceptic, you should know or learn this and not be confused by the two.

    There’s a lot to explain, almost too much.. people would get bored of
    reading this (if they haven’t already) but if anyone CARES about the Law of
    Attraction, stop looking at negative videos… I’ll give you a head start
    in some people you can search for on YouTube… the rest of the Journey is
    up to you. If you want ;)

    Eckhart Tolle
    Infinite Waters

    Also Mark Klokeid is an amazing example of positive energy. He practices
    the law of attraction without being aware of it as far as I can see. (I am
    aware he smokes cannabis but cannabis doesn’t generate energy, people do :P )

  10. B Johnson
    Jul 14, 2014

    They better have bought that little girl a bike!!!

  11. Bongani Ngwenya
    Jul 14, 2014

    somethings cannot be scientifically proven especially those that are on a
    spiritual level.

  12. Heather Nicaise
    Jul 14, 2014

    Brilliant, again! Check out skeptic.com for more science and critical
    thinking tools.

  13. Vladimir Sramko
    Jul 14, 2014

    That girl is absolutely cute 

  14. Patrick Hogan
    Jul 14, 2014

    Gotta love Micheal Shermer

  15. Eduard Pastor
    Jul 14, 2014

    Skeptic Society presents…video # 2.

  16. Joshua Boyd
    Jul 14, 2014

    Leave it to America to suck the hope out of anything…This was completely
    sarcastic and not taken seriously. on my list of law of attraction i put
    down a Hollywood actress’s name. I live in Airdrie AB, Canada just outside
    of calgary….what are the odds that I meet a chill girl that I end up
    blazing with for 3 nights in a row day 4 four She told me her name and I
    realized it was really her, We developed a true friendship over 10 days she
    was only suppose to be here 7. This was after I completed the rest of my
    law of attraction list. This is where things get weird I didn’t focus a
    single bit of energy into my want to meet her, I merely placed her on the
    list to prove to me the law of attraction works. I was about 4 months
    forward to completion of my Intended future based on the law of attraction.
    FUCK YOU byth busters 

  17. Mike Orozco
    Jul 14, 2014

    If you knew anything they are making ridiculous conclusions that come from
    ridiculous subjects. This video is simply making a joke out of the claim of
    “Law of attraction”. They are giving reasons to not believe in such
    phenomena but it’s not countable because of it’s lack of argument. IT’S A

  18. Craig Good
    Jul 14, 2014


  19. Noah Wiles
    Jul 14, 2014

    This is why there is little representation in Hollywood of skeptic talent. :-)

    In all seriousness though, love what Michael and Keith are doing here!

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