Why I dont believe in “the law of attraction”



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  1. SamisSpirit
    Nov 9, 2014

    You nailed this! I feel the exact same way! We humans feel the need to
    control everything, the workings of the universe too, so we give it laws
    and strategies as if it works on the same intellectual and explainable way
    the human mind does. I found myself feeling confused and overwhelmed during
    my LOA days. Being told constantly… “You can’t say you “need” money
    because you’ll always need it and you can’t say you want or you’ll always
    want but if you convince yourself you already have it you’ll stop working
    to achieve it…” WTF?! Insanity is more like it!

  2. Remy Starseed
    Nov 9, 2014

    Personally though my own experience , I have found elements of the law of
    attraction concept to be real… at least to me. But it seems to work only
    when there is no expectation/attachment to the time and place of the
    outcome… basically when you’re not thinking about the stuff you want to
    experience… or even better, when you’re not thinking at all, but rather
    being… and doing something that’s totally unrelated so it’s impossible to
    see it coming… so again, it all goes back to the present moment thing.
    The mind is not meant to process how things are going to happen, only what
    is happening. But having the intention and taking steps towards it slowly
    but surely will put universal forces at work 

  3. frivolous girl.
    Nov 9, 2014

    I don’t know what books and teachers you’ve been following… Everything
    you say is right, but saying it’s not the Law of Attraction is off balance
    for me…
    LOA is a complicated subject, and I’ve been playing it since I was a little
    child, not even knowing what I was doing. I feel like I am one of the few
    who can say that I have everything I want in life, and yes, I’m a present
    junkie too! And no, my life hasn’t been easy growing up.
    It’s all about being present and open for your hearts desire and
    intentions, having patience and trust that the Universe can only deliver
    what’s best for you. Just because you want something different doesn’t mean
    you are not present. In fact you are, and you’re recognizing its potential
    to become better. We have it in our nature to perfect things, to thrive
    forward, why would you dismiss and neglect something that is You?
    I understand it can easily feel like you are a God, but you need to
    recognize that it’s only the ego fighting for air. I never see myself as a
    God who controls my world. I feel as if I’m part of the Universe, one small
    drop that’s part of an ocean, and therefore has just as much power; we’re
    all half Gods and it is up to every one of us to see our potential,
    recognize it and use our power for the good. If we use it for the ego it
    will only backfire somehow, because it wouldn’t be pure. Therefor it is
    important to think about ones intention and why you want something, are
    they pure? Never do things for the money, do the things that’s above the
    Being present and focused brings clarity and alignment of your true heart’s
    passions. Having Clarity is the most powerful weapon in the Universe and it
    can deliver just about anything, then it’s up to you to accept it.
    I never looked at LOA as not being present, just the right opposite
    I have many stories to share on how I’ve gotten the things that my heart
    powerfully wanted, and I’ve gotten them in strange ways that often times
    been far from my control. All I had to do was to accept the gift and show
    gratefulness. I don’t do affirmations and such things, if I do they are
    unconscious. I just know how great I am and that I Deserve having the life
    that makes me grow to something beautiful. I always feel surrendered,
    blessed and thankful for everything I have in this present moment. This is
    how I feel aligned with the world.

  4. unfoldedlotus
    Nov 9, 2014

    A hot topic? 10 years ago maybe.
    Still, I know what you mean, a lot of people continue to support and tout
    this lifestyle.
    “The Law of Attraction” is a misappropriation of ancient wisdom.
    It’s basically .5% of a greater metaphysic (bastardized from Hermeticism).
    “Not thinking of the future” is one thing, I get it, live in the now, be
    happy with what you have, and also don’t think the universe only works if
    you expect something of it.

    That being said, I offer this:

    If you “don’t believe” in something, isn’t that really too much to put in
    to it?
    You obviously put a lot of forethought in to this presentation and the
    opinions contained within, just in order to discount a belief that seems to
    help people. I know they’re pretty airy-fairy, preachy, and at times
    annoying, still, there’s some kind of lesson in that I think. The
    metaphysic (or philosophy, whatever you want to call it…anti-philosophy)
    you present is one you think people might want to believe in, so it’s just
    the flip side of the same dualistic coin; your feeling that the universe
    will offer what you need, day-to-day, in the now, is just another way of
    visualizing, believing, hoping, and expecting. Whether or not you call it
    “letting go”, you’re still holding on to a belief system.

    Also, what do you say to someone born in to extreme poverty, war-torn
    existence, or another more unspeakable atrocity? They too should live
    day-to-day believing the universe has their best interest in “mind”? Should
    they not make any type of plan, or visualize a better life? I know you’re
    speaking more materialistically (and about certain more affluent groups),
    but you’re also coming at this from a very narrow viewpoint.

    There’s no reason to take the tenet of “live in the now” completely
    literally and believe that there’s no reason to plan, have goals, or
    otherwise use time and other social institutions to better guide your life.
    I think be here now type stuff is highly valuable, and works very well as
    an over-all metaphysic and core system (and understanding of ultimate
    reality), but it does’t work in day to day life. Thinking it should is a
    misunderstanding – there are plenty of times to forecast, plan, detail, etc.

    A few questions for you, do you in any way plan your yoga classes or do you
    wait for the universe to have people show up at your house or wherever you
    teach at a certain day and time? Do you have a reason for making videos and
    teaching yoga, or is there no goal or purpose? Did those awesome earrings
    and cool-ass summer dress just fall in your lap or did you at some point
    want them?

    To knock visualization for expecting it to spur the universe in to
    presenting you with a yacht is one thing, I agree with you there, but to
    discount visualization as a whole is slightly ridiculous. Almost every
    master has touted some form of visualization (many meditations fall in to
    this category), and to come down quite a few rungs on the ladder of
    consciousness, so has almost every amazing CEO, athlete, martial artist, et

    I should be clear that I feel “the secret” is bullshit, and personally I
    practice Qi Gong, and Yantra Yoga, still, people taking things so extremely
    black & white is something I see in every single metaphysic out there, and
    it does need to be addressed (from your point of view, mine, and many

  5. NeonNeonNeonNeonBomb
    Nov 9, 2014

    really refreshing to hear an opinion like this. the universe has our best
    interest ♥

  6. cloudskipa
    Nov 9, 2014

    You appear to subscribe to the notion of moral relativism, I might be wrong
    though. It’s one of the highest tenets of Satanism and intentionally seeks
    to confuse the individual into believing what might be “right” or “wrong”
    when core morality is already inherent to human beings under
    natural/universal law, unless you’re a Psychopath of course (which is on
    the increase and a startling percentage of the population already are).

  7. missmagnoliabird
    Nov 9, 2014

    Since I learned to participate fully in the present moment and give my
    attention to one thing in that moment, rather than get stuck in my head on
    the past or worry about next week, next, year, next decade, I have so much
    more clarity. My psychiatric illnesses are quiet, not gone, but the most
    the quiet I can remember since I was 8 years old (I’m 42 now) The “I need
    more information” I used as a stalling tactic became ‘finally useful rather
    than a roadblock. I had read about so many therapies (clinicians texts),
    psych textbooks, psychopharmaceutical tracts, learned neurology and more
    and suddenly these pieces of information started to fall from the recesses
    of my brain to build this story of my life – a bit like tetrus (sp?). I
    have had some memories of my childhood even. All thanks to being fully here
    and now – body and mind together. I have heard to people chanting for flash
    cars and what-do-you-know next day there it is – and I have a lot of
    difficulty with this for myself. I’m more about letting go of material
    possessions (I’m sure that’s not the entirety of the principle) but my
    experience has proven that being present allows amazing freedom and
    self-compassion and really good things to come. And that is my way – I do
    have judgments about some spiritual/religious practices but have learned to
    accept (and for some of them I have to do that everyday) that there is room
    in this place for more than one way of life and I am under no threat from
    other ways of life. I am an activist for those whose lives are under threat
    due to spiritual/religious beliefs, disabilities, mental illness
    etc…sorry for the epic.

  8. Eric Harvey
    Nov 9, 2014

    Your taking the outlook and thought of this law of attraction through the
    aspect of fear hunny,
    The gulf oil spill or Monsanto is really bad, but is it, if this
    collectively as a system of expression is “ME” then it is only internally
    self reflective as to how I view and react to such subject matters,
    energetically Monsanto is in your very being your state of belief and such
    only affects you not that company which is merly yourself wishing to exist
    and continue in continuational states
    It’s hard to fathom but the law of attraction is best left to one who is at
    first peace and calm and not without from within are you will have
    conflictual states brought about
    But it’s due to your field not being whole and able to fully understand
    Thier is no money only your belief which affects not you but your self if
    you buy into a state of separation
    It’s a true statement based upon truth, Christ was killed what does this
    offer, to this
    Christ was pure light and understanding, one without from within wished to
    become such, however, ones view Christ was hurt torchured and killed should
    be viewed, for it is that very damn belief that brought about such for him
    to encounter, for he as an expressive state is all of us as a collective
    He in truth was not killed as he actually stated he was not harmed for
    everyone here can continue, of which is all of importance, and the being
    without from within found his home, and where he belonged, so did the law
    of like attracts like take place, yes, Christ going through what he did
    pulled countless beings and expressional states out of darkness and gave
    them a way and something to believe in
    Thier very self, using the hands to heal aka reiki, rising from death can
    offer to another maybe just maybe death doesn’t actually occur, walking on
    water is this a reference to maybe your beliefs are “key”
    Removing imprinted programming can be hell but don’t blame truth for what
    life has allowed you to encounter. For in truth you did not Viktoriya your
    only holding onto beliefs it did occur
    Like does indeed attract like, when all Thier is is light it does indeed
    You make a beautiful Giesha ;0)

  9. Sarah S.
    Nov 9, 2014

    I’m so glad you chose to be brutally honest about your opinions here. I’ve
    gotta say, I felt some of my beliefs clashing with this video. I hope you
    don’t think I want to convince you of my beliefs, but rather share my own
    just like you are doing (because I really love lots of what you said!) It
    seems as though you are bypassing the fact (or have contradicting beliefs)
    that our desires are good and perfect for ourselves! Since we ARE this
    universe/god, then our desires should always feel great…unless you don’t
    believe you deserve your desires. I’ve been working on deserving abundance
    (all types) a lot lately, I know this is something spiritual people
    commonly “struggle” with. It’s okay to desire things, but also good to have
    non-attachment to the outcome of those desires, because the universe knows
    MUCH better than us humans what the possibilities can be to satisfy those
    desires! If what I’m saying is interesting to you, I’d suggest watching
    this video: Strike Deserve From Your Vocabulary , PS. your outfit is super
    cute!! <3

  10. Robert Ferguson
    Nov 9, 2014

    How you view the law of attraction depends on what you believe
    subconsciously. I personally believe the law of attraction can be a good
    thing: anything good I believe I can get, I will get.

  11. Alexandr Sof
    Nov 9, 2014

    I watched “the secret” on a dvd. I thought it was just hype. And i had
    been depressed then and immature. Ofcourse nothing will manifest if we just
    think about it unless we are also in some control of attaining it. It’s
    just how i understand it. I don’t understand gravity completely either, but
    I don’t have to. The same as I don’t understand my situation in this stupid
    life. But the law of attraction, If it had something to offer to me, a
    potential partner perhaps, then that partner would be found easier. But
    yea, filling up my head with an idea that I’m with that person, or another,
    so far has not come true. But i find it useful that you made a video about
    Maybe it’s more scientific than that. surrendering to a state of hope,
    somehow can help the mind to relax, therefore to come to a desired outcome.
    But it’s a lie.
    by the way, in your early vids you seem, different. Liked you better then.
    Moreover, +ve and -ve can be misunderstood. It’s important not to be
    optimistic. Not saying be a cynic either, but rather not be hopeful and
    optimistic. That can be disastrous.

  12. Joontan Ark
    Nov 9, 2014

    Discover the best way through loving the way things are.

  13. UnkoAngel
    Nov 9, 2014

    Makes a LOT of sense! I resonate strongly with this =) Thanks for sharing

  14. Alyson Margaret
    Nov 9, 2014

    Great insights and thoughts, as usual. Live in the present moment :) 

  15. stine klostergaard
    Nov 9, 2014

    I felt that when I tried to follow that believe, I got so stuck in my head
    about thinking that I could think that or that thought because that was not
    positiv and so one.. Did not felt so right…

  16. Marie Thomas
    Nov 9, 2014

    I resonate with this :-) 

  17. Álvaro de Paula
    Nov 9, 2014

    I have a strong realization that everything that happens to me comes for my
    benefit, even when it appears to be bad at first sight. The problem with
    Law of Attraction is the belief that there is a separate “I” who knows what
    is better to himself. For example, all that a little child wants is a house
    full of candies, plenty of toys and an everlasting holiday… The ego acts
    like this little child, believing that he knows better than the Universe
    what he needs!

  18. happybrasato
    Nov 9, 2014

    have you ever heard about hoponopono?
    I’m trying to follow it but is so hard…and is not suppose to be hard so
    I’m also worried :) ))))

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